MST Performance BMW M340i 2020 B58 3.0L turbo Cold Air Intake [BW-B5802]

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The MST BMW M340i 2020 (B58 3.0L turbo) Cold Air Intake is the perfect addition to any engine bay. 

Give your vehicle added horsepower, torque, snappier throttle response, and an aggressive turbo sound. 

Typical peak gains from our CAI are roughly 15-20 Horsepower and Torque.


*Delivers cold air to your turbocharger

*4" intake pipe

*4" air filter

*Improved throttle response

*More aggressive and sporty induction sound

*Black powder coated inlet pipe and heat shield

*Easy to maintain DRY cone air filter

*Dyno result: Max gains 15-20hp


BMW M340i 2020 B58 3.0L turbo


Note: Please make sure our kit is compatible with your car before placing an order, if you have any questions please contact us.