BMW 2014+ 328i N20 N26 EWG Intake System + Turbo Inlet Pipe (BW-N2003)

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MST Intake for the BMW F2X F3X 120i 125i 320i 328i 420i 428i N20/26
We expect to release the new N2003 intake system this March.
This intake is for the N20 engine with a whole new design.
Featuring the intake pipe that's length is only 1/3 of the older design,
While the heat shield & filter are installed behind the headlight.
The purpose of this design is to shorten the pipe and improve the efficiency of air-flow also and heat insulation.
Bringing better throttle response & additional power, while also reducing turbo lag.
Our new design for the N2003 has also taken the plastic stock turbo inlet pipe, which easily breaks, into consideration.
Replacing the stock pipe with our own inlet pipe. No more worries about broken pipes, which makes it a perfect upgrade.

Features :

*Delivers cold air to your engine
*Improved throttle response
*More aggressive and sporty induction sound
*Black powder coated inlet pipe and heat shield
*Easy to maintain DRY cone air filter


BMW 328i N20 N26 EWG