2019+ Mercedes-Benz W177 A180 A200 1.3T Cold Air Intake System (MB-A2506)

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Intake System – The soul of the engine.

We designed the intake system for the Mercedes-Benz A180/200. Providing better airflow than the OEM airbox,

Reducing resistance of the air suction and maximizing storing space for air.

Our intake design is an aluminum closed-pod heat shield that blocks hot air temperature from the engine.

The large diameter intake pipe increases airflow, enabling quicker delivery to the turbo, enhancing throttle response & reducing turbo lag.

The air filter that has passed the ISO 5011 filter certification is reusable and can filtrate up to 99% of dust & debris in the air.

This enables the engine of your vehicles to stay healthy and at the same time, increases the airflow & performance.


* Increase Maximizes airflow

* Better throttle response and more exciting sounds

* Larger air storage than OEM airbox

* High-quality laser cut heat shield helps block hot engine air

* ISO 5011 certificated air filter

* Easy to maintain DRY air filter

* Direct fit kit


2019+ Mercedes-Benz  W177 A180 A200 1.3Te