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MST Clear Heat Shield Cover (select intakes only)

Regular price $65.00

MST has introduced a NEW clear heat shield cover for select MST intakes. This product will still allow the intake to remain a closed system, yet offers a nice visual, exposing your air filter. 

This only for customers who already own MST Intake Kit.

VW-MK777, VW-MK777V2, VW-PG01, VW-MK704, VW-MK802, VW-MK803, VW-MK888 (CCMK777)
VOL-6005 (CC6005)
FO-MK401, FOMK4016 (CCFO401)
BW-B4801, BW-B5801, BW-N2003 (CCB4801)
MB-A2502 (CCA2502)
BW-B5802, BW-B4802 (CCB5802)

NOTE: Please make sure that you choose the correct cover for your vehicle.

Product picture is a sample only, and may not be the exact look of the one for your vehicle.